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Our Mission



Pittsburgh Tank has been engineering and manufacturing quality dry and liquid storage tanks, stacks, pressure vessels, and energy process equipment for a wide variety of applications since 1988.  Since our founding, Pittsburgh Tank has been a family owned and operated business that is driven by the values of integrity, dependability , and working hard for success.  These core values guide our employees in delivering a quality product that we are proud to stand behind.  

Pittsburgh Tank serves a number of domestic and international customers who require the quality and expertise needed in today’s demanding global market. We specialize in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of custom engineered storage solutions for municipal and various industries including power, mining, pulp and paper, chemical, oil, gas, and renewable energy. Pittsburgh Tank exceeds at innovation and continual improvement in our work to ensure high levels of manufacturing performance. Our process equipment and technologies are designed to meet customer specifications and exceed performance criteria.​


In 1988, Pittsburgh Tank started in a 5,000 square foot facility.  As we grew and expanded, Pittsburgh Tank relocated our operations to our present day, 80,000 sq. ft. facility, which provides our production team with the necessary space and resources to efficiently fabricate and deliver multiple projects simultaneously to our customers.


Our fabrication facility is divided into five buildings and has the flexibility to handle a variety of complex projects regardless of size or scope.  We encourage our customers to visit during the fabrication of their projects and welcome potential customers to visit our facility to review our production capabilities.


Primary Fabrication Building

  • 100 ft. wide and 600 ft. long

  • Under hook height of 33 ft. 

  • Four top running, full span bridge cranes (5-30 ton capacities)

  • Two under hung, half span bridge cranes (5 ton capacities)

Secondary Fabrication Building

  • 40 ft. wide and 100' long

  • One, 25-ton crane.

  • Under hook height of 65 ft

  • Four, 20'x20' roll up doors located in the rear

Sandblasting Booth

  • Located within our Primary Building

  • 22 ft. wide, 22 ft. tall, and 80 ft. long. 

  • Utilizes recycled steel grit to provide a specified SSPC finish prior to painting. 

Painting Facility

  • 60 ft. wide and 175 ft. long

  • Two, 15-ton cranes

  • Two, 18'x18' doors located in the rear

  • One, four acre storage area​

The fourth and fifth buildings consist of our dedicated small parts production department and our 9,500 sq. ft. office space. 

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